Veronika in Dubai e-Book

Veronika in Dubai e-Book

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What does the interview look like? Do I have a chance? How did you move to Dubai? Where do you live? What is the training like? Do cabin crew actually sleep on long flights? How long do you stay in a destination? Do you have jet lag? What is the job REALLY like?

These are just some of the questions I’m getting from you.

I take you through the whole thing, from the beginning. What the interview was like, how I packed myself to leave everything behind and moved my two suitcases to a completely opposite part of the world, to Dubai. What the seven weeks training was like and how we all went through it. I take you on my flights and show you what can’t be seen. Cause it’s all “behind the galley curtain” stuff. So only us, cabin crew, really know. So let me take you on a journey of your life through these 8 chapters.


Table of Contents:

  1. Breakpoint
  2. My life in two suitcases
  3. Abinitio
  4. Challenge down under
  5. Big Bird to Asia
  6. First America
  7. Wild Africa
  8. Aromatic India


It is about making one girl’s dream come true and how I managed to do it. There’s completely everything in it.

So if you have a dream, chase it, because even the things that seem completely unreal to you might become real one day if you go after them.

It’s not only for people who want to get the job and wonder what it’s like, but also for people who want to know what the life of a cabin crew really looks like, what it is like up in the air with different people and different nationalities, what situations we have to solve and what funny stories we have to deal with.

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