About the author

It was not so long ago that I decided to make my dream come true. I left my stereotypical life at the office behind, packed my life basically in two suitcases and went to Dubai all by myself in order to travel around the whole world. I found a travel blog, veronikaindubai.com, just for myself at first, so I could once recall all the amazing stories to tell my grandkids in the future. I created my fb page, Veronika in Dubai, shortly after, so that I could be more here and now when traveling. A lot of people actually got interested in what I do and what this is actually about…

So I’ve decided to put it all together, made an agreement with a publishing house and wrote almost 200 pages of what you all ask about from the beginning (and what actually might not have crossed your mind until now). This book is about the job itself, what it’s really like to work as a cabin crew for one of the biggest airlines in the Middle East. It’s about working from and living in Dubai; it’s about traveling the whole world, sometimes 5 continents in a month; about all these things that happen up there in the air that you can hardly imagine, all from a real, authentic perspective. Because I’m here, living the dream right now. 

The book was published in Czech in the Czech Republic last year in November, and it became a bestseller within the first two days

I know that there's a lot of people around the world whose dream job is to become a cabin crew, or there's a lot of people in general that just want to know what the life as a cabin crew really is like.
Finally. What you've all been asking for, what you've been waiting for. And what I've been dreaming might become real one day. And here it is.

Czech bestseller finally available in English!