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Have you ever wondered what it's like to work for one of the biggest airlines in the Middle East, visit up to 5 continents a month, and get paid for it?

Take a look behind the galley curtain and reveal the secrets of a cabin crew life.

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Veronika, I just finished your book and I'm laughing out loud at those funny stories about up there in the air. My kids are looking at me as if I've gone mad. Perfect book. 

Ludmila Simmerova Freibergova (Mom)

I must admit, for me this was the biggest surprise and the best book of the year.

Zdenek Polasek (Entrepreneur)

Absolutely amazing and written by heart. I loved it. It‘s great to get an insight into this job, flying experience and traveling to various destinations.

I don’t know how Veronika managed to evoke the thrill, but she did it perfectly.

I am expecting another book with more true stories from Veronika's life. Can't wait. Highly recommended.

Aneta Scigelova (Service Support Specialist)

Such a great book, you get to learn a lot of things about the job of the cabin crew and about traveling to various destinations.

The book is full of beautiful photos as well.

Marketa Benkova (Biomedical Research Center)

I would love to be a flight attendant myself and this book really helped me to clarify a lot of things.

Can't wait for your next book!

Tereza Bakotova (Student)

Czech bestseller now available in English!

A life full of adventure

Get a taste of Veronika's world travels

A gift for yourself

You would like to become a cabin crew yourself. Or someone you know? This book is all you need!


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